What Does Being a Writer Mean to You?

We asked you, our community, our people, what it means to you to be a writer.

Here’s what you said:


“It means having an outlet to express words where speaking them aloud fails me.” @savygreen

“Being a writer means that I make the time to try to capture this life into words.” @a_more11

“It is a privilege and responsibility and much less about ‘me’ than people think.” @m.a.sivils

“Being able to create stories that make other people happy.” @ellen_rose92

“I grew up isolated without many friends. Writing was my friend; journals were who I talked to.” @bethaniwithan_i

“Being a writer means being a voice to the voiceless, even when the voiceless is me.” @pollockwrites

“It means giving a voice to the voiceless and helping others through my own experience.” @hayleeholeman


Ashton Ray