Ash & Liz's Favorite Writers to Follow

We love instagram, obviously. It was by no accident that when we launch Eight Hundred Words we chose to do so on Instagram rather than anywhere else. There may be a lot of talk about how social media is turning our brains to trash, but we’ve both found that, when used well, it can be a place of encouragement and inspiration. In light of that, we wanted to share with you the accounts that inspire our writing lives in hopes that they can inspire yours, too.

Liz’s Picks

Shauna Niequist // @sniequist
What can I say? I’m a fan girl. As an innocent, artless sixteen-year-old, I wanted to become a writer after reading Shauna’s first essay collection, Cold Tangerines. Her book was my first encounter with personal essays and I fell in love with them. On Instagram, Shauna is honest about what her real life looks like, her simple joys, and her deep commitment to faith, family, art, and little else. We both live in New York City so stay tuned for the day I meet her.

Shelly Miller // @shellymillerwriter
I met Shelly in London. She was kind enough to make time for me, a friend of a friend, and we met up in the cutest bakery in Notting Hill. At the time I was wrestling with writing and faith and how everything fit together. She spoke life-giving, soul-strengthening words to me that day, and her words continue to be a source of encouragement, peace, and rest.

A beautiful account with poetry and resources for poets. They offer weekly poetry prompts and connect writers through the hashtag #readpoetryprompts. Helpful, inspiring, and deeply artistic, this account is a must-follower for writers or readers of poetry.

Kirsten Robinson // @nakedwriting
Kirsten is a wordsmith who believes writing should be transparent––an act of baring one’s soul. Her poetry and personality is one of my favorite on the internet. Follow her for authenticity, art, and a book forthcoming in 2019!

Ash’s Picks

Hannah Orenstein // @hannahorens
We featured Hannah on our blog last month, something that was largely pursued out of my deep love for her novel and her social media presence. She’s the senior dating editor at Elite Daily (another instagram you should follow for some laughs) and the author of Playing With Matches, a well written, timely rom-com novel and her forthcoming novel, Love at First Like comes out this summer! (Watch her story highlight on Writing Advice, if nothing else!)

NY Writers Coalition // @NYWriters
Shoot, I don’t know when I stumbled upon this account, but it’s beautiful. The content is primarily quotes from well known authors and is outrageously inspiring.

Clint Smith // @clintsmithiii
Clint Smith is an awarding winning poet, author of Counting Descent, and has a brilliant mind. His social media has him come off as the kind of guy I’d like to invite to a dinner party to lead the conversation. His content isn’t all writing-centered, but it is all thought provoking, for sure.

Well Read Black Girl // @wellreadblackgirl
Well Read Black Girl is, without a doubt, one of my favorite accounts on the internet. It’s an account dedicated to celebrating black woman writers and the founder, Glory Edim, released a book by the same title last year, an anthology of essays by black women writers. Representation matters, especially on our bookshelves because what’s on our bookshelves influences so much of what’s in our minds, and this account is a great reminder of that.

Ashley Abramson // @ashleyabrmsn
I’ve wanted to be Ashley’s friend for a while now because her instagram is so fun. She’s a writer, mom, and mentor to aspiring writers, making her an ideal follow for our Eight Hundred Words community, and a great example of what it looks like to be a writer when that title can’t always take center stage. She often posts writing prompts and inspiration that always seem to pop up when I need it.

Who are your favorite writers to follow? Or accounts that inspire your writing? Let us know in the comments below!

Ashton Ray