An Eight Hundred Words Gift Guide

The alternative title for this blog was “How to Buy the Perfect Gift for the Word Nerd in Your Life”, but we decided to go with something more publishable. It’s the holiday season, which likely means that you’re looking for the perfect gifts for the people you love. I love giving gifts, but I often find myself stumped when it comes to certain people in my life, so I imagine you may too.

To help you out, Liz and I decided to curate a list of gifts for people like us, the writers, readers, word nerds, and wanna-be-Brits. If you have a friend that falls in any of those categories, here’s a list of gift ideas to get you started on your search. OR, if you’re the friend that falls into any or all of those categories, here’s a list that you can send to the people you know are looking to get you a gift.

Paper things that aren’t books…

Subscription to the New Yorker, Darling, or another literary publication.

A planner for the new year. We love these from Rifle Paper Co. and the Plum Planner.

A shiny new, beautiful journal for them to write all of their hopes and dreams in. From the classic Moleskin to a personalized leather one like this, a journal is always a good option for a book friend.

Not into planners? What about a calendar? Like this one that features ladies of literature.

Stationary, like these from our friend Kylie Stinson.


Things to be paired with all of their books…

Coffee and mug pairing (Trade Coffee, get 50% off your first bag using referral code _ejmoore) and a cute literary mug like one of these...

A bottle of wine and some bubble bath. We'll assume your nerdy friend can provide their own book, but you could also give them a book-inspired wine glass.

A personalized bookplate so that they can put their literal mark on all the books they lend out to their friends. We love this one from our girl Kylie Stinson.

Photo courtesy of Kylie Stinson //  @kyliestnsn on Instagram

Photo courtesy of Kylie Stinson // @kyliestnsn on Instagram

Ways for them to show off that they’re a person that owns a lot of books…

Some book inspired jewelry, like this necklace, that gives money to girls’ education around the world.

This candle from Etsy that smells like old books.

Literally anything from this website. Or any item of clothing that gives off vibes like this Jane Austen sweatshirt.

Subscription to Book of the Month club or a monthly book subscription through your local independent bookstore (Like the Shelf Subscription by The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA)

Image Courtesy of  Lovishly.

Image Courtesy of Lovishly.

Things to occupy their time (that aren’t books)…

Banagrams (A game like Scrabble that’s easy to transport. Great for happy hour or waiting for your food to come out at the restaurant).

If your friend is into puzzles and words, this New York Times jig-saw puzzle and this PBS Great Books puzzle would be the perfect gift for them.

Any of these classes or tools from Hannah Brencher that can help your friend accomplish their goals in 2019.

The game of chess. But not just normal chess. Wizard chess. Because we all need to play more chess (it helps with decision making skills), and it can make us feel like Harry and Ron.

Still stumped? Head over to Etsy and search for stuff that your friend likes (books, TV shows, movies), and I promise you’ll find the perfect gift. If you want to keep it simple and give them a book, check out this blog we wrote to get some suggestions.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this, you’ll never be able to say that the Eight Hundred Words team didn’t help you with your holiday shopping. We’re basically Santa’s Elves that specialize in word nerds. You’re welcome.

Happy Holidays, friends.

Ashton Ray